My name is Stafon Levine.  For over 30+ years I have been involved in marketing a wide variety of products and services.  In July 2017, I discovered a product unlike anything from my past experience that intrigued me – a program where consumers could save up to $2000 on almost any form of travel worldwide.  Being  card that provided an

Unlike most travel clubs that sell high-priced memberships to gain access to their travel
inventory, GoodLifeUSA has 3 low-cost options – starting at $11.95 /mo with NO UPFRONT investment.  Furthermore, consumers can TRY before they join by obtaining a $2000 VIP Savings Card for $10 or less (details are displayed on the homepage).

The issue the company had was how to get these cards into the hands of the consumer. Here is how VacationClubVIP solved this.

Business to Consumers (one to many)

Companies spend thousands in a variety get people to spend their money.  However, if you just look at the ads, most businesses advertise by offering discounts.  For example – restaurants offer buy one, get one free.  In this example, not only does a restaurant loses money on food, they lose money on the labor to prepare it PLUS the server loses money since a good part of their income is based on tips.

Most businesses are of the mindset that they think to get consumers to TAKE ACTION, they must be willing to “give away something of value for free”.  While this a true statement, Discounting a product or service cuts into a businesses profibility.

Here is how increase sales and cut costs WITHOUT DISCOUNTING one dime.

For less than $8, companies promote the GoodLife $2000 VIP Savings Card. It can be used to generate traffic and also help close sales.  The result is higher profits (orders WITHOUT discounting) while proving their valued customers a REAL TRAVEL SAVINGS GIFT.