My name is Stafon Levine.  For over 30+ years I have been involved in marketing a wide variety of products and services.  In July 2017, I discovered a product unlike anything from my past experiences that intrigued me – a program where consumers could save up to $2000 on almost any form of travel, car rentals, tours, tickets, and activities – worldwide – ALL FOR FREE.

Most people now book travel arrangements on an online “RETAIL” booking engine such as Expedia, Priceline, Trivago and others.  These “booking engines” spend millions on advertising in order to attract consumers to book travel using their platforms.  When someone books a room, that specific hotel/resort pays the booking engine “a commission”.

VacationClubVIP is different

We have partnered with a WHOLESALE online travel booking engine called GoodLife.  Goodlife is similar to Costco and Sam’s club but with a focus only on TRAVEL and travel related services.  Here is how it works.

Goodlife is a MEMBERSHIP club, but instead of trying to sign up members, they have elected to allow travelers to get a first-hand experience using Goodlife with little or no upfront fee whatsoever.

As I previously mentioned, hotels/resorts (or car rentals, tours, tickets, and attractions) pay a commission to the “booking engine”.  Goodlife takes part of this fee to REDUCE the cost, making it cheaper than what RETAIL booking engines charge.

Now, this “SAVINGS” is deducted from either a FREE $200 Savings Card or a $2000 Savings Card.  For example.  If you book a weekend at Holiday Inn (2 nights, 3 days), the RETAIL price may be $200 per night ($400 total).  Booking this on Goodlife, the cost maybe $175 per night (representing a total savings of $50).  That $50 is automatically deducted from either the $200 or $2000 Savings Card automatically.  Once your account is activated, it never expires until used up.

Keep in mind, all commissions the hotel pays vary greatly.  They are based on the type of accommodations, the length of stay and especially the travel date.  For example, you will find greater savings if you’re staying for 4 days at the Bellagio in Las Vegas during the middle of summer with it’s extremely hot, than 2 nights at Motel 6 in San Diego during Christmas.

Once you've experienced the program along with the additional savings, you can choose to become a paid Platinum subscriber that provides deeper discounts and a ton more benefits.