Business Options

Learn how any company can use the Wholesale Travel Savings Card to increase business profits, customer appreciation, and more.

  1. Drive Traffic & Sales WITHOUT DISCOUNTING. 
    Increase your profit margins instead of lowering the price or use this as an additional incentive to help close a sale.
  2. Customer Appreciation/Loyalty
    Customers LOVE being appreciated.  For example, many automotive dealers do a customer follow-up after their car has been serviced.
  3. Customer Acquisition
    Building and growing your customer database (list) is vital any business.  The cost to acquire (and maintain) a new customer is equally important.
  4. Employee Benefits/Incentive
    Increase your profit margins instead of lowering the price.
  5. Customer Incentive
    Open a new account (like a bank or credit card company) and receive a $200 or $2000 Wholesale Travel Savings Card.  Or, buy now and receive a Travel Savings Card.
  6. Special Events
    Companies spend thousands to attract consumers and/or business owners to attend special classes or seminars.  Using the Travel Savings Card is a cost-effective promotional option.
  7. Fundraisers
    Donate $10 and receive a Travel Savings Card. (You can purchase them as low as $1.47 (in bulk) and make $8.50 per card.  Perfect for churches, schools (sports teams and band members), and other groups like the scouts.
  8. Social Media Incentives
    As mentioned, customer acquisition is essential in order to grow your database.  This is a great way to offer your followers (or an incentive to get people to join your list.
  9. Trade Shows
    People are looking for leads (as well as orders) at trade shows.  Offer a Travel Savings Card with a quote or use it as an incentive to get attendees to subscribe to your mailing list.
  10. Weddings
    Many times, guests spend lots of money attending a wedding.  It's not only a wedding gift, but they may travel to attend.  Using the Travel Savings Card is a perfect THANK YOU gift to give to them for coming.